We are live!!

We went ‘Live’ with our exciting paperlite programme on Sunday 27th October. To make sure everyone feels as prepared as possible, research has produced a number of guides and working instructions to explain the process from start to finish which you can find on the NJRO Website https://newcastlejro.com/research/resources/documents/

Support during ‘Go-Live’

Don’t worry – if you get stuck or aren’t sure what to do plenty of help will be at hand across the ‘Go-Live’ period 24/7.

As we implement paperlite, we will close our paper case notes. Labels will be placed on the front of the paper record folder clearly stating that all clinical care must be documented electronically with paper records for view access only.

This will ensure that we keep our patients safe. All documentation will then be recorded in the electronic record. 

Research forms were not been built into the eRecord in time for ‘Go Live’ at the end of October so all documentation will be scanned and uploaded to Document Store (DocStore) via a special document repository built in-house by our IT team.

Each form will have its own individual research study QR code identifier – when scanned, the software reads the QR code and will send a message to DocStore which will ensure the form is stored in the correct place in the eRecord and can be viewed.

Every ward and department will have a document tray where forms to be scanned should be placed ready for collection twice a day by coding or records staff.

Documents requiring urgent scanning should be hand delivered to one of the scanning bureaus located at the RVI Medical Records and the Freeman Hospital Medical Records (Library 1).

Forms delivered to the scanning bureaus will be placed in colour coded receptacles:

o RED:        urgent forms – first priority
o WHITE:   outpatient forms – second priority
o BLUE:      all other areas or departments – third priority

If a Champion or floorwalker is unable to help with your query, our IT Service desk continues to be available 24/7. A dedicated paperlite team will also be on hand, made up of experts in all aspects of the new system. For more information and additional support including training videos and quick reference guides, visit the dedicated paperlite page on the NUTH Intranet.