Multiverse Lab: Reflections Event (9th December 2020)

Since October, hundreds of people in the North East have visited innovative online experience, Multiverse Lab. They have added their voices and answered the question, “What is the health research breakthrough you want to see in your lifetime?”

Now it’s time to find out, what are the most talked about issues? Find out what matters most to local people when it comes to their hopes for health. Who are the people adding their voices? And most importantly, how will this data be used to shape the future of health research in the North East?

This online event will give you a chance to meet the team behind Multiverse Lab and hear about how this innovative collaboration between VOICE, The National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA), National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), Newcastle University and The Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is enabling public engagement in health research.

The session will also lead into a chance to explore Multiverse Lab and add your own voice. You can visit in advance at

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For more information, please contact Unfolding Theatre on or 0191 580 4901.