COVID-19 hyperinflammation syndrome (COV-HI)

Based on emerging experience and trials from countries affected early by the COVID-19 (COV19) pandemic, there is evidence that a subgroup of severely affected people develop a hyperinflammatory (HI) syndrome (COV-HI). Trials are in progress of cytokine inhibition and other immune modulation to treat COV-HI. This proposal aims to use a rapidly executed cohort study to characterise the clinical phenotypes of COV-HI in patients in the UK through an established and nimble network of clinicians and scientists with broad experience of identifying and treating HI. The aim is to confirm the COV-HI clinical phenotype and using routine data to try to infer the inflexion point where COV-HI emerges. This would enable refinement of the proposed treatment algorithm and translates to routine clinical practice to improve the outlook for COV-HI.