Launched in 2015, the NUTH Innovation Strategy has set up a supportive framework aimed at improving services right across the Trust. We assist members of staff to quickly log their innovative ideas, problems or enquiries which will then be considered for implementation or review.

Once logged on the Trust innovation tracker, all submissions will be assessed and considered by a wide range of professionals and departments in the Trust. One of our key objectives is to provide a supportive mechanism to ensure that the innovative ideas are moved forward.

Getting started – the innovation process

During your daily work, have you ever thought:

  • what we really need is…
  • surely there is a better way to do this
  • why do we do it this way?
  • if we could just find a way of…
  • if only we had…
  • why is there not a bit of kit that does this?

If any of these thoughts have ever occurred to you, we ask that you ‘take a step back,’ pause and start the innovation process.

Innovation always starts with identifying a problem and there may be instances where your thoughts have highlighted a problem – but how do you solve it? Don’t worry, we also encourage staff to submit such problems and we will work with experts both inside and outside the Trust to see what solutions may be available or which could potentially be developed.

Send your ideas and problems to the Newcastle Research and Innovation Hub.

What will happen next?

Coming up with the initial idea or problem tends to be the hard bit!

Once you submit your idea or problem, we will be in touch to discuss it in more detail.  We will gather more information that is specific to your idea, and a multi-disciplinary team will assess the idea and make a decision on who is best to support the innovation.

The nature of your submission will determine the questions we ask and the process that needs to be followed. For example, some ideas will require discussion with external agencies such as the University and/or commercial companies; others will need to be considered as part of ongoing Trust improvement programmes and we work closely with others such as the Transformation and Financial Improvement Team, the Service Improvement Team and Education & Training. We can also engage regionally through close co-operation with innovation partners such as the Academic Health Science Network North East and North Cumbria (AHSN-NENC).

This process continues to evolve, but the principle of support for innovation remains key.

Ideas will be tracked

Throughout the process, all development ideas will be logged and monitored on the innovation tracker system at all times so you can find out about progress of your idea. We will provide assistance including:

  • support if applications are required for external funding
  • support if your idea needs to go through internal or external committees
  • links to industry or University partners
  • ready-made applications for awards such as Bright Ideas or HSJ
  • plus: we want to ensure that your innovation gets the best possible outcome.
Celebrating success

It is important that we celebrate the success of our innovation. For successful ideas, we intend to put them forward for external recognition – your idea could be the next winner of an HSJ Award or Bright Ideas Awards!