Newcastle Hospitals is one of the most research active trusts in the country, topping the NIHR research league table for seven consecutive years. As a trust, we and carry out around 120 commercial trials each year through strong partnership with industry, bringing the latest treatments to our patients.

P3 Trials is based at NIHR Patient Recruitment Centre, Newcastle, the UK’s first clinical trials facility in the NHS to specialise in late phase (phase 3 or 4) commercial trials. It is a standalone facility on the Campus for Ageing and Vitality in Newcastle between Westgate Road and Studley Terrace, in Fenham. It is run by a dedicated team, led by Professor Yan Yiannakou, Clinical Director.

In the NHS, patients are generally recruited to trials though specialist clinics; but many patients with common chronic conditions are managed outside hospitals, either by their GP or through self-care. Efficient recruitment to trials of common chronic conditions (such as headaches, back pain, moderate asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and common skin conditions) can be challenging. The NIHR PRC Newcastle is the first NHS trials unit that specifically fills that niche; by developing a capability to recruit from the surrounding community as well as from within the trust.

Our most valued partnership is that of our patients and our local community. We aim to provide an enhanced patient experience through modern facilities, equipment and incorporating patient feedback to provide an individual participant journey.

In order to make research opportunities more readily available to our local community, we have developed the Research+Me registry. It will provide a more direct route by which to access research that is either relevant to their condition, or participate as a healthy volunteer for studies such as those looking at new vaccines. This is part of our ethos of improving the health of the local and wider community. The PRC has access to all NHS support services and has easy parking and public transport connections to facilitate a positive patient experience.

Equally important though, is the opportunity to work with experienced specialist consultants, acting as Principal Investigators on relevant studies, from across the North East and Cumbria.