What is the PRC?

The PRC is a Patient Recruitment Centre specialising in late phase commercial clinical research. Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of five NHS sites across England chosen to host the new PRC based at the Campus for Ageing and Vitality off Westgate road in Newcastle. The centre provides a dedicated space, purpose-designed facilities, and medical expertise to deliver clinical research within a convenient local NHS hospital location – with the aim of increasing the number of studies being run across the region.

Traditionally, patients are recruited into research via specialist clinics; however chronic conditions such as IBS, asthma, and migraine are regularly managed within a community setting. The PRC will empower those local patients with long term conditions to get involved in late phase research and have access to the latest treatments.

What is a late phase clinical trial?

There are usually four phases to clinical research in humans which can be categorised as early or late phase. Early phases involve the development, early testing, and safety of a drug, medical device, or treatment protocol whereas late phase trials look at the long-term safety and efficacy of the treatment within a large cohort of patients over a longer period of time.

At the PRC we undertake late phase trials which focus on common chronic conditions which are prevalent in our local community and usually managed within a primary care setting.

What can I expect if I join the registry?

When you join the registry you are agreeing to receive information from the PRC regarding research opportunities that may be suitable to your condition.

During the registration process you will be asked to provide information about any health conditions you may have. This allows us to identify which studies you would most be suited to. If you are a healthy volunteer we will identify suitable studies based on the demographic information you provide.

Why should I register?

People get involved in research for different reasons; for some it’s to have access to the latest treatments, for others it’s because they have been touched by a disease and want to get involved to help find a cure. By taking part in research you are helping to develop new and improved treatments and care protocols, supporting scientists to discover better ways to detect and prevent illness, and contributing to the overall health of the local community.

Do I have to have a chronic condition to register?

No – we are always looking to recruit healthy volunteers for research studies. If you are a healthy volunteer we will identify studies suited to you based on the demographic information you provide during registration.

Do I have to take part in a study if I register?

It will always be your choice whether you want to take part in a research study. By signing the registry you are simply registering your interest. If we match your details with a suitable study we will contact you with details of the research and what this entails. If you feel the study or the time is not right for you then you are under no obligation to proceed. We will note your wishes and contact you again in the future should any other studies match your profile.

You are free to withdraw from the registry at any point and you don’t have to provide a reason. Please contact us on 0191 282 3655, or email us at nuth.researchstudies@nhs.net to withdraw.

How often will I be contacted if I sign up to the registry?

We may contact you a maximum of four times per year to take part in research studies. It may be that we don’t contact you for long periods of time depending on the studies that are available.

Who will have access to my personal data if I join the registry?

We have database access restrictions in place to protect your personal information. This means only specific site staff will have access to your data in order for the team to tailor specific research studies to your profile.

Please see our privacy notice for more information on how we use and store your personal data.

Why have I been asked to provide my NHS number?

You have been asked to provide your NHS number, where possible, as this number is unique to you and enables the team to access further information from your medical records. This helps us to better identify studies that are suited to you.

You can find your NHS number on your prescription, letters from your consultant, or your GP practice can provide you with it.

Do I get paid for taking part?

Each study is different; some studies offer remuneration for your time and some do not. You will be compensated for your travels costs.

What happens if any of my contact details change?

If you update your email address, move home, or have a new contact number please contact the PRC on 0191 282 3655 or nuth.researchstudies@nhs.net and we will amend your records.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or concerns?

You can contact one of the team with any queries, suggestions, or complaints on 0191 282 23172 or nuth.researchstudies@nhs.net