How will research delivery and support staff be impacted due to COVID-19?

In the event that COVID-19 once again places extreme pressure on NHS services, research delivery and support staff and facilities may be redeployed to support clinical services. Any redeployment will be agreed by the R&D Senior Management Team and take into account qualifications, skills and experience of research staff as well as the need to ensure there is sufficient capacity to in line with the Restart, Reset and Recovery plan for clinical research.  

At this time the Trust will not be allowing any external parties on the premises to conduct monitoring visits. Our research teams will continue to support central monitoring where this is deemed essential to the patient’s safety and/or treatment regime. Please note that this may change at short notice due to clinical demands. 

We cannot send out source data via e-mail, PDF or other electronic means and it is also not possible to allow external parties access to our e-record systems.