I am interested in taking forward some research into COVID-19, what do I need to do?

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is working with partners across the health and care system to ensure that the Government is making best use of the limited resource and capacity available to support research into COVID-19.

A single national process has been set up to allow the Chief Medical Officer (CMO)/Deputy Chief Medical Officer (DCMO) for England to draw on expert advice to prioritise the COVID-19 studies which hold the most potential for tackling the challenges (Department of Health and Social Care’s expedited Urgent Public Health prioritisation).

This process will cover funded studies, irrespective of whether they are funded by the public sector, industry or charities; also, in partnership with UKRI, studies that require funding. It aims to prevent duplication of effort and to ensure that the capacity of the health and care system to support research is not exceeded.

Local CRNs, R&D Departments or healthcare sites should not be contacted directly with any new COVID-19 studies. Central, coordinated communications via the NIHR will enable the most effective delivery of the collective COVID-19 Urgent Public Health Research. 

Details of the process and the new single point of entry for prioritising COVID-19 studies

The Trust has established a COVID-19 Research Team with PIs, Clinical Team Leads, Clinical Trials Co-coordinators and Governance support to ensure studies during this time are resourced and activated as rapidly as possible.