What are the Plans to Restart, Reset and Recover Research at Newcastle?

On 11th May, 2020, the Trust moved to Restart, Reset and Recovery of clinical research https://newcastlejro.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/RD_restart_final.pdf Work is underway to re-open paused studies from Monday 1st June 2020.

The team has worked closely with all key stakeholders throughout and this will continue.

The University’s COVID-19 Academic Group for Research & Innovation (COVID AGRI), chaired by Professor Brian Walker, is ensuring research and innovation funding and continuity are addressed during this unprecedented period. The group, which reports to University Executive Board, is also coordinating the University’s COVID-19 research and innovation response as part of the University COVID-19 Response Project. This page https://newcastle.sharepoint.com/hub/rsd/Pages/covidagri.aspx outlines some of the steps the University is taking to maintain its capabilities as a world-leading research-intensive institution.

As highlighted in the Prime Minister’s statement of 10th May 2020, there will be opportunities for researchers to return to campus during the 2019/20 session. However, recommissioning of buildings and research facilities needs to be managed carefully and a set of principles has been agreed which will act as a guide for staff and students https://newcastle.sharepoint.com/hub/rsd/Documents/NU%20Principles%20for%20Research%20during%20COVID19%2018.05.2020.pdf

The University’s COVID-19 Emergency Management Team will co-ordinate the re-opening of facilities, informed by the priorities set by Faculties and Academic Units.