REDCap offers a suite of robust training videos, accessible by logging into REDCap and clicking on ‘Training’ at the top of your screen. 

Below you can find training and guidance which is more specific to the NJRO instances of REDCap.

Evaluating REDCap for your study

The NJRO REDCap is suitable for NUTH sponsored non-commercial studies, and is the simplest way to securely store identifiable, pseudonymised or anonymised data for your study.

To arrange a demonstration, or to discuss using the NJRO REDCap for your study, please get in touch with the NJRO Informatics Team. If you find that the system appears suitable after this discussion, we can then set up an account for you to test out the key functionality that you will need for your study.

Using the HSCN and Internet REDCap systems

The NJRO offers two different instances of REDCap.

The HSCN (Health and Social Care Network) REDCap is only accessible on computers which are already connected to the NHS network, and is suitable for the storage of identifiable data accessible within the NHS. We may need to whitelist the IP addresses of any sites that need to access REDCap for your study, but we will organise testing to ensure that the system is working correctly during the setup phase.

The Internet REDCap is open to the internet, meaning it can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection by using increased security measures. This also means that the ‘survey’ functionality of REDCap can be used to send online questionnaires to study participants.

Please read our NJRO REDCap Data Security SOP for further information on the security measures implemented in our REDCap systems.

For more information about data security in research, please visit our dedicated data security page.

REDCap Setup Process

When you are satisfied that you will be using the NJRO REDCap for your study, please fill in our REDCap Project Request Form. Once received, we will set up your project and any necessary user accounts – or update your details if you want to use an existing evaluation project/account.

REDCap Project Support

We are happy to answer any queries you have regarding the functionality of REDCap while you set up and run your project on the system. However the NJRO also offers an additional level of support for an additional cost. This support can include a member of our team building an electronic REDCap form based on your pre-existing CRF or working with you to create them from scratch. Please ensure that you indicate your required level of support when you submit your REDCap Project Request Form. We will quote support costs to you based on your specific project and agree these with you before proceeding.

Adding new users or sites to your REDCap project

Please indicate any users and sites that need to be part of your REDCap project when you submit your REDCap Project Request Form. If you need to add additional users at a later date, please get in touch with the NJRO Informatics Team with the name of your study, as well as the new users’ full name, e-mail address, level of access (role) required and which site they belong to (if applicable). If you need to add additional sites, please provide the name of the site.

These user accounts must comply with our NJRO REDCap Data Security SOP.

User roles

The following roles are available for NJRO REDCap users:

Project Administrator
Can see and modify all elements of the project such as setup and design, data collection forms, importing/exporting any data and statistics.

Data Coordinator
Ability to oversee and manipulate all data collected in the project, including exporting and reports, but cannot modify the design of the project.

Data Entry
Can input and amend data, but cannot modify the design of the project, create reports or delete records.

Data Analyst
Can extract de-identified data from all sites.

Going ‘live’ on REDCap and making changes

When you are satisfied with your project design in REDCap and are ready to start recruiting, click the ‘Move project to production’ button on the bottom of the Project Setup page. This will submit the project to the NJRO Informatics Team to look over. You will receive an e-mail when the project has been confirmed and is officially in production mode, ready to begin data collection.

If you make any changes to your project design after it has been moved to production mode, they will need to be submitted to the NJRO Informatics Team for inspection to ensure there will be no accidental data loss. When you make changes to the forms in production mode, you will be asked to submit them rather than save them and will receive an e-mail once they have been approved.

Electronic Consent

We are currently using REDCap to pilot the use of electronic consent for NUTH-sponsored research studies in compliance with the HRA and MHRA guidance for eConsent. This is achieved using a combination of REDCap’s in-built eConsent Framework and digital signature fields to simulate a wet signature using a mouse or touch screen.

Using REDCap to electronically consent is currently taken on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with the NJRO Informatics Team if you want to discuss the suitability of eConsent for your study.