We are looking for volunteers aged 18 years and over to join the NHS Newcastle Hospitals ResearchPlusMe Registry

Now registering volunteers for:

  • Trials in migraine and cluster headaches
  • Trials in COPD (obstructive airways disease) and bronchiectasis
  • Trials in asthma
  • Trials in Type 2 diabetes
  • Also registering healthy volunteers for future studies
  • We welcome registrations for all health conditions including: gastroenterology, dermatology, respiratory conditions and neurological disorders.
What happens when I join?

By joining the registry you are giving us authority to let you know about any research that you may wish to volunteer for. You are not agreeing to take part in any trials at this point; just to hear about any that are available.

Your data will be kept securely and will never be passed to a third party. We will keep your details for an indefinite period of time. Click here to find out how we use your data. Contact about studies will come from NHS staff employed at The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. You are not obliged to respond to contact and can withdraw from the registry at any point.

If you wish to withdraw your consent for this registry, you can do so at any time, and this does not mean you can’t participate in current or future studies (which you might hear about through other means, such as from your own doctor). However once we have deleted your records, we will no longer be able to contact you about future research studies.

Who can join?

Some trials are for healthy volunteers and others are for people with specific medical conditions, so anyone aged 18 or over can register to be involved. The trials we recruit to are usually ‘late phase’ clinical trials. This means that the treatments provided have already undergone safety testing.

Why take part in research?

Since the establishment of the NHS in July 1948 healthcare has improved considerably. We need to do research to ensure that healthcare continues to improve. The UK population is living longer and enjoying a better quality of life because of many of the advances in healthcare, which have been developed through research.  Medicines and procedures, which we research today may well become the treatments of choice in the future.

Who is running the registry?

The ResearchPlusMe Registry Team is based at NIHR Patient Recruitment Centre, Newcastle, the UK’s first clinical trials facility in the NHS to specialise in late phase (phase 3 or 4) commercial trials. It is a standalone facility on the Campus for Ageing and Vitality in Newcastle between Westgate Road and Studley Terrace, in Fenham.

Our most valued partnership is that of our patients and our local community. We aim to provide an enhanced patient experience through modern facilities, equipment and incorporating patient feedback to provide an outstanding individual participant journey.