REDCap is a browser-based Electronic Case Report Form (eCRF) solution, suitable for Newcastle-led non-commercial research studies. REDCap contains intuitive functionality to build forms, collect data and export into a variety of formats for statistical analysis. Members of a research team can be assigned to different roles to allow for specific capabilities within each individual study.

The NJRO REDCap sits on a secure HSCN server hosted by AIMES, restricting access to those on the NHS network and allowing for the secure storage of identifiable data. The NJRO can also provide an internet-facing REDCap, allowing pseudonymised information to be inputted via online surveys directly from research participants.

Use of the NJRO REDCap is available at a cost of £2000 per study, plus an additional £500 for use of both the HSCN and internet-facing systems. The NJRO can also offer support with building forms in REDCap at a cost of £1000 per study. Please note that VAT will be charged where applicable.

For more information about using REDCap for your study please visit our dedicated REDCap Training page, or contact the NJRO Informatics Team at