When can I start collecting real data on my REDCap project?

When you are satisfied with your project design in REDCap and are ready to start recruiting, click the ‘Move project to production’ button on the bottom of the Project Setup page. This will submit the project to the Research Informatics Team to look over. At this stage we will need verification that all of the necessary approvals are in place to allow data collection to begin. Once we have confirmation of this, you will receive an e-mail to inform you that the project is officially in production mode.

If you make any changes to your project design after it has been moved to production mode, they will need to be submitted to the Research Informatics Team for inspection to ensure there will be no accidental data loss. When you make changes to the forms in production mode, you will be asked to submit them rather than save them and will receive an e-mail once they have been approved.