Where are your REDCap servers located?

Our REDCap system is hosted by AIMES, an NHS certified cloud systems provider based in Liverpool, UK. We have three different REDCap systems, and can advise the most suitable for your project during our initial discussion.

  • The HSCN (Health and Social Care Network) REDCap is only accessible on computers which are already connected to the NHS network. We may need to whitelist the IP addresses of any sites that need to access REDCap for your study, but we will organise testing to ensure that the system is working correctly during the setup phase.
  • The Internet REDCap is open to the internet, meaning it can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection by using increased security measures. This also means that the ‘survey’ functionality of REDCap can be used to send online questionnaires and consent forms to study participants.
  • The Test REDCap is used for evaluation and testing purposes.

Please read our REDCap Data Security SOP for further information on the security measures implemented in our REDCap systems.

For more information about data security in research, please visit our dedicated data security page.