Do you have an idea for a research project and not sure where to begin? For a PI overview to the Research Process at Newcastle (for non commercially sponsored studies): Application Submission & Application Outcome

You can also contact the Funding Development Team (FDT) in the Newcastle Joint Research Office (NJRO) (

The role of the FDT is to be the first point of contact for clinical and academic researchers in Newcastle. They offer support from the concept of a research idea, to identifying relevant funders through to the successful submission of grant applications.

The FDT supports the researcher to engage with relevant support staff to ensure they harness local expertise to develop a robust and well-informed research study. By identifying and liaising with pharmacy, clinical teams, labs, radiology, finance, business development as well as colleagues in the NJRO and the Research Design Service (RDS).

If an application is received by the FDT a month or more before a deadline then it is 75% more likely to be funded. Please engage with the team as early as possible!

The first step to initiate any Research Project is to complete the ‘Project Initiation Form’ as comprehensively as possible, this will enable the proposed project to be assessed by the NJRO and costed appropriately.

The information you provide will be assessed within the NJRO and the FDT will contact you to guide individuals through the Application process.

In order for the Funding Development Team to fully support your application we would expect a minimum of 4 weeks notice for low risk studies and a minimum of 8 weeks for complex studies such as CTIMPS.  Any applications received outside of these timeframes may not be supported by the Funding Development Team.

Application outcome information from Funders or lead organisations for Newcastle University Faculty of Medical Science (FMS) and The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, should be sent to, please include reference number allocated. The information you provide will be assessed within the NJRO and they will contact you to guide you through the Award process.