COVID-19 pandemic: R&D action plan

The COVID-19 pandemic will lead to significant demands being made of clinical services and inevitably this will impact on clinical research in the Trust. The scale of the demands on clinical services in uncertain but there is likely to be significant disruption of research activities. The situation is also dynamic and advice from the Government and other national agencies can change rapidly. Our clinical research portfolio is large and includes the full spectrum of research activity, from Phase 1 studies to health services research and from international CTIMPs to small PhD projects. To manage this portfolio, we’ll need the support of all investigators and research delivery teams and a collaborative approach which is clear, flexible and pragmatic. It is also important to have a consistent approach across the research platforms, research delivery teams and pharmacy. Our aims during the pandemic should be to ensure the safety of patients and staff, to prioritise our research studies and target our resources accordingly, to maintain high standards of research governance and, where needed, enable research staff to support clinical services.

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