COV-HI project investigates hyper-inflammation in COVID-19

The Newcastle Joint Research Office (NJRO) has been involved in the conception of a UK-wide database to provide rapid reporting on the incidence of hyper-inflammation in COVID-19 and the association with adverse outcome and potential to be modulated by intervention with biologic therapy. The database provides a rapid means of collating information from multiple sites.

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New SOP available – “COVID-19: Deviations to Current SOPs”

COVID-19 has placed considerable pressure on clinical trials performed by and in the NHS. National organisations and government bodies have published guidance to ensure that best practice is maintained during this time. The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Trust) has a number of SOPs and guidelines to ensure preparedness and maintaining safety for patients and staff. As a research sponsor the Trust has a duty to maintain clinical trial activity where significant safety implications apply. As a result some trials will remain open during the pandemic.

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